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RFID reduces clothing sorting time and improves efficiency



RFID helps to realize the automation of hospital surgical package management

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RFID equipment enables new retail

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What are the advantages of mobile nursing PDA

After using mobile nursing PDA, it can bring great advantages and help medical staff complete their work more smoothly and easily. This is a very trustworthy thing and has high application convenience


What are the advantages of mobile nursing PDA

RFID Automatically Clear Motorcycles In Malaysia

The system is similar to the automatic door for entry and exit of Malaysia by land, and is equipped with radio frequency identification and tracking (RFID) function.


Application Effect Of RFID Inventory Technology In Decathlon

Behind decathlon's rapid expansion is its success story of fully adopting RFID management application technology in logistics, retail and omni-channel marketing.


What Are The Industry Applications Of Handheld RFID Readers?

SLON is a professional manufacturer of RFID readers and bars scanners. We have leading R&D technology and excellent manufacturing technology. Our aim is to take the needs of customers first, continuously optimize and adjust the design plan, and provide users with effective solutions. If you are interested in our handheld RFID readers, please contact us immediately!


Walmart And RFID: The Relationship That Put RFID On The Map

News broke recently that Walmart officially submitted patents concerning drone delivery, but automation is hardly new for the retail giant. Let’s take a look at Walmart’s path to leveraging RFID technology to automate processes and improve business operations.


Harvard Medical School Uses RFID To Reduce Asset Inventory Time By 75%

Since launching an RFID-enabled solution to manage its 4,300 assets, Harvard Medical School (HMS) reports that it has reduced 75% of time required for inventory counts. If you need to Reduce the Time like HMS, you can contact me to get a comprehensive solution.


Harvard Medical School Uses RFID To Reduce Asset Inventory Time By 75%

How Did Adidas Stores Drive Digital Innovation Into The Store Experience By RFID?

Adidas stores have been really driving digital innovation into the store experience. NEO stores in European cities like Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Helsinki are demonstrating the innovations


Components And Main Functions Of RFID Readers

The RFID reader made by YANZEO can work in sudden changes and harsh environments with strong signal penetration, and can quickly identify and read tags. If you want to learn more about RFID readers after reading the above content, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.


RFID Intelligent Warehouse Management Solution

RFID Intelligent Warehouse Management Solution,The main goal of the entire program is to achieve real-time monitoring and management of goods through the use of RFID electronic tags. Complete functions such as real-time inventory, fast storage, and quick delivery. According to the specific requirements of each specific business process, select the corresponding reading equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of each link.


Intelligent booking loan system


Intelligent booking loan system