RFID long range vehicle electronic tags
RFID long range vehicle electronic tags
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100 piece

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※ distance:Effective recognition distance of up to 2-100m, can be adjusted.

※Anti-collision: the advanced anti-collision technology, which can identify 200/ sec or more identity.

※ speed: thehighest recognition rate of up to 200 km / h.

※ security:encryption algorithms and authentication to ensure data security and preventeavesdropping and data link break.

※ directional:can achieve directional and non-directional identification.

※ Highreliability: -40 ℃ -85 ℃, anti-shock.

※ cost of: all0.18uM chips lower cost.

※ Powerconsumption: the ultra-low power consumption, healthier and safer.

※transmission: the global open ISM microwave band, no need to apply and pay.

※ High noiseimmunity: on-site sources of interference, no special requirements

Physical Characteristics

ABS plastic shell material at high temperaturemodification

Overall 86 × 54 × 5.5mm

Weight 35 g

Color variety of colors

Protection class IP34

Installation position of the vehicle inside thefront windshield

Installation 3M glue

Microwave link characteristics

Modulation GFSK

Two-way communication rate 1024Kbit / s

Operating Frequency 2.45GHz

Maximum output power -5dbm

Air interface complies with ISO18000-4specification

Bit error rate 10-9

Electrical Characteristics

Quiescent current is less than 3μA

Operating current of less than 3.5mA

Lithium battery life of more than 5 years (3-5years )

Environmental Characteristics

Operating humidity less than 85%

Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~ +80℃

Operating temperature -30 ℃ ~ +65℃

Vibration 10 ~ 2000Hz 15g three axes

Anti-electromagnetic interference 10V / m 0.1 ~1000MHz AM electromagnetic AM


※ parking vehicles free hand (Hand Free) access control ;

※ vehicle electronic license plate recognition system ;

※ highway ETC electronic toll collection system ;

※ bus out of the station "benchmark" automatic managementsystem ;

※ home school and out of school students safe messaging system ;

※ staff meetings important meetings and events coverage system

※ enterprises obtain automatic personnel access system ;

※ City pet tracking and management ;

※ wildlife tracking and management ;

※ zoo management ;

※ warehouse inspection of electrical equipment ;

※ gas pipelines, transformer equipment intelligent maintenance ;

※ track high value-added products ;

※ factory production line process management ;

※ warehouse pallets and other container tracking and management ;

※ sea , water , road and railway container transport .