What are the advantages of mobile nursing PDA

What are the advantages of mobile nursing PDA


After using mobile nursing PDA, it can bring great advantages and help medical staff complete their work more smoothly and easily. This is a very trustworthy thing and has high application convenience

With the continuous development of science and technology, there are a lot of intelligent devices that can be extended, which can play a good role in many industries. Among them, the medical industry pays more attention to the use of intelligent devices, because it can drive the work efficiency and is of great help to medical staff and patients. The use of mobile nursing PDA is very common and has been recognized by many hospitals. What are the advantages of using PDA? Is it convenient to use?

1、 Reduce preparation time before operation

Now, if mobile nursing PDA is used, it can mainly bring support for preoperative preparation to doctors. Using the equipment, you can scan the wristband bar code on the patient's hand, and then you can determine the patient's information. At the same time, you can also query the detailed contents of the operation, so that doctors can understand it properly.

2、 Input patient information in time

In order to better record the patient's information, the effect of using mobile nursing PDA is very good. After use, you can timely input the patient's identity information and disease information. Secondly, you can also master the patient's previous medical history. It can be said that it can improve the confirmation speed of medical staff for information and improve the patient's medical experience.

3、 Reduce manual errors

The use of mobile nursing PDA can also well avoid the errors of manual recording, because the intelligent design can connect to the Internet, upload the required data in time, and verify the patient's information, which can well avoid the occurrence of information errors and bring high professionalism.

4、 Yanzeo's solution for medical staff ward rounds

1. Patient code assignment

Yanzeo wristband printer can print professional two-dimensional code wristbands to give automatically identifiable identity information to hospitalized patients.

2. Order execution

The medical staff accept the ward round task and receive relevant drugs through the 5g handheld terminal. During the ward round, the medical staff scan the code to confirm the patient's identity, and check and implement it according to the TCM instructions of the system to ensure the accuracy and safety of medication. At the same time, it can collect the patient's temperature measurement and other signs, input the voice electronic medical record, and upload the information immediately, which is efficient and accurate

3. Mobile call

The patient calls the medical staff through the bedside system. The medical staff receives the call task through the 5g handheld terminal and processes it accordingly. The management staff can also manage and dispatch through indoor personnel positioning. 

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