RFID Pet Management Solutions

RFID Pet Management Solutions

RFID Pet Management Solutions

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, pets have become intimate partners of many city residents' leisure life. Dogs, cats and other small mammals are also becoming the lifestyle of modern people. The continuous expansion of the pet market has brought more business opportunities to businesses and added endless fun to people's lives. However, with the rapid increase in the number of pets, the problems of pet regulation and safety have become increasingly prominent. The loss of pet dogs and the abandonment of pet dogs have increased substantially. Stray dogs can spread diseases, multiply without the control of births, and also affect the safety of residents , Urban sanitation, transportation, etc. These have become the problems most cities and residents in China have to face. How to effectively strengthen the pet management, to ensure that pet management, epidemic prevention and quarantine measures in place to protect public health and promote the harmonious development of the pet industry has become the focus of attention of all sectors of society, especially pet management department.
RFID pet management solutions "using RFID technology and computer network technology to fundamentally solve the problem of pet loss and regulation by injecting the pet with a global unique identification code (UID) pet electronic chip点击打开链接, as the pet's electronic identity card With his life, the pet chip stores the basic information of the pet and transmits the data to the computer application software through the reader so as to realize the automatic identification and analysis of the pet pedigree, the identity, the owner and the reproduction, health and epidemic prevention information of the pet, Pet management information.

A complete set of RFID pet identification management system consists of software systems and hardware systems. The software system includes application management software and embedded software, which is used to complete the input and transmission of pet information. The two parts of software jointly support the operation of the entire system. The hardware system consists of a pet chip, a handheld reader, a read-write device and a data server, which is used for collecting, identifying and transmitting pet data to achieve system functions and pet safety regulation.


• Implant the biotube label into the skin of a pet with a sterile syringe;
• Read using a handheld pet tag reader.


• Each pet can be uniquely and independently identified;
Import Export Control
• Lost pets can be easily tracked by the owner;
• Veterinarians can keep animal health records for a long time;
• Can be easily implanted in animals without any adverse reactions;
• Suitable for harsh environments.

System functions
• Pet identification

Each chip that has been implanted with a chip has a UID that, as the chip lasts for more than 20 years, will accompany your pet's e-ID for the rest of your life. In addition, the pet chip can write the basic information that can be entered into the pet, including the pet's name, type, sex, date of birth, physiological characteristics and the owner's name, address, contact information and the like. Pet regulators or pet hospitals can quickly and easily retrieve pet information simply by swiping their pet's chip with a handheld reader in the system. In addition, by using the query function of the application management software in the system, an operator only needs to input the UID number of the pet and obtain more and more detailed pet information through the Internet from the pet database. The realization of this function completely solves the problem that stray dogs bring harm to the city and pets are difficult to supervise.

Quarantine information inquiry

As with the basic information about pets, the information about the types of vaccines and the time of receiving the vaccines will also be stored in the pet chip and database. Only the pet regulators and the epidemic prevention department can query the pet for vaccination through the handheld reader or the management software History. In addition, pet regulators can use the system for the general public for pet relocation (transfer), and add new pet information and annual inspection records.

• Pet Tracking and Quiz
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When a stray pet shelter staff member sees a stray dog, as soon as it has an RFID pet chip, he can quickly obtain the pet owner's information and notify the owner to claim or return it to the owner's home. Lost pets, you can log in the system for Internet query management B / S (Brower / Server) mode, release lost pet information, the use of the Internet to retrieve their lost pet faster.

• Information Sharing
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Due to the openness of the user data area of ​​the pet chip, the pet's open information can be read as long as it has a reading device that complies with the pet chip protocol. In this way, pet regulators, epidemic prevention departments, pet hospitals, pet shops and pet owners can easily share pet information for the management of pets, vaccination, feeding and other great convenience. Pet chips accept repeated read and write, cover, delete and other operations, so that when the pet ownership of the new master information can be quickly and safely rewritten into the pet chip.