New conference sign in RFID sign application scenarios

New conference sign in RFID sign application scenarios

New conference sign in RFID sign application scenarios
  At present, the large-scale meetings of governments, NPC, CPPCC, forums and summits at all levels have high levels of meetings, a large number of participants in the meetings and relatively complicated management of conferences and meetings. Therefore, how to carry out effective identification and statistics of the delegates has become an important core of the organization and management of the conference. The traditional manual sign-in way checks the identity of the participants through security and verifies the information provided by the participants. The work efficiency is low and it is also not convenient for automatic statistics. And the man-made subjectivity is strong, the recognition is not accurate. So for the new conference sign in to the RFID sign on a very good solution to this problem, not only the recognition of high speed, while the recognition is not correct will automatically alarm, pass through the gates on one side of the large screen display participants Personnel, so greatly improve the safety of the meeting, but also to enhance the quality of the meeting, but also to achieve the attendance of participants automatically sign, automatically display personnel information, sign information statistics and other functions.

RFID conference sign-in features:

(1) Accessible access management

      Channel width of up to 1.2m or more, automatically identify participants wearing identification cards, without stopping, making sign in the work of simple, fast and intelligent.

(2) many people sign at the same time

Reading speed up to 40-50 / sec, to ensure that participants passed quickly, the system is stable and reliable, effectively avoiding the traditional hand sign and credit card sign in the way of congestion.

(3) Personnel authentication

Personnel channel reader with image linkage function, the access control personnel can capture real-time access photos, staff and system through the preservation of personnel photos were compared to identify the identity of the identity of the inbound and outflow of illegal personnel to enter, the system automatically Light alarm.

(4) direction recognition

Channel reader to provide 4-way infrared, the direction of access to achieve personnel discrimination, to provide managers with more accurate data;

(5) real-time upload data

Check-in and check-out data can be uploaded to the data center in real time to facilitate managers to view in real time. When the network fails, the access device can work offline.

(6) high consistency and stability

Channel reader can be applied to staff-intensive, complex environment and support 24 hours a day to ensure that the system is normal, stable and efficient operation.

RFID sign
New conference sign in RFID sign-in application scenarios and support conditions

Conference information entry: Including the conference name, conference slogans, slogans, reports and other input, the system supports simultaneous entry of multiple conference information, the information between different conferences will not interfere with each other.

Personnel data entry: Including participant's ID, card number, category, name, gender, job title, delegation, work unit, card status, seat number, photos and other data entry, for the system for meeting statistics provide complete data. Staff information can be easily imported through EXECL files, which avoids the inconvenience of re-entering one entry at a time for each meeting of participants' information, greatly reducing the workload of conference staff and improving the efficiency of pre-conference preparation.

Credit card check-in method: The check-in card is placed within the identification distance range to complete the check-in. After the check-in is successful, the screen of the all-in-one machine will instantly display the attendee's information, and the conference room's screen can display the real-time attendance status in real time.

Manned report: the system can forget to report card staff reported manually, even if the participants forget the report card can be successfully reported to ensure the accuracy of the registration results

Report data query function: After the report, the system can be "all staff", "belongs to the category", "delegation" and other fields classified query conference should be to the staff, the actual staff, not to the staff list, The corresponding list is printed or exported for easy circulation and archiving.

Conference save: The system can save all the information of this conference into a file, and can be made into a CD-ROM to facilitate the business group to archive and save.