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RFID assets automatically track management

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Time: 2017-12-06

RFID assets automatically track management

  As one of the most important components of corporate assets, fixed assets is an important guarantee for completing the tasks of production and operation, and plays a significant role in the financial position of the enterprise. Therefore, asset management should be strengthened to ensure the integrity, preservation, appreciation and full utilization of assets, the correct accounting of the quantity and value of assets, a clear economic responsibility, supervision and promotion of the safe custody of fixed assets and reasonable use, and constantly improve equipment utilization and good rate, give full play to the effectiveness of fixed assets, enhance compliance with laws and regulations, improve audit capabilities, bring the greatest benefits to the enterprise is the core objective of fixed assets management.

  The current enterprise fixed asset management process has the following deficiencies:
The lack of business connection and business communication between the financial management department and the in-kind management department of the fixed assets management make the books unable to reflect the existence of the assets.
Have a large number of expensive assets, but no integrated information system, the lack of valuable information on the management of fixed assets, fixed asset management difficulties, low efficiency;
Asset information card does not match with the actual situation;
Difficult to effectively control the loss of fixed assets;
Assets inventory time-consuming, laborious, limited effect, 
Difficult to operate timely and accurate accounting.
  With the help of traditional manual management methods and tools, data collection and entry have always been more and more manual, inefficient and error-prone. Later appeared bar code technology to make this situation has been greatly improved, but because of bar code technology itself limitations, such as: damaged, poor antipollution, short reading distance, so that they can not be azimuth into the resources (assets) management in the field of work.
With RFID solutions, you can also automate inventory, fully and accurately manage your assets in a fraction of the time, and spend less time than manual inventory. To use RFID solutions to track assets, all assets (from servers, racks and laptops to office chairs, carts, and even kegs) must be labeled. When inventorying, workers do not have to manually identify assets, locate bar codes, and do not need to scan assets one by one, simply holding a handheld RFID reader or pushing a cart with a mobile RFID reader in Walk around the workplace. Save on the heavy work, companies can change the inventory count from year to week or even shorter cycle. The automated capabilities of RFID solutions can also help eliminate costly mistakes (including omissions or misclassifications) caused by manual counting. This will enable the business to have accurate asset status in a timely manner, so that business management can best be implemented as needed.
RFID asset tracking management
The use of RFID technology for asset management has the following advantages:
Easy identification, can be read long distances;
Read quickly, can be quickly displayed in the handheld;
Read accurately, each marked fixed assets have a unique label;
Wear-resistant labels, not easily damaged, more acceptable than the bar code to pick the environment;
Anti-conflict performance is good, can read a lot of instantaneous;
Chip content can be rewritten more than 10,000 times;
The maximum chip memory can be up to 2k.
The main components of the system
RFID tag (asset tag);
RFID fixed reader;
RFID handheld reader;

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