RFID smart parking management system

RFID smart parking management system

RFID smart parking management system

RFID parking lot parking management system based on 2.45G (active) RFID technology, the RFID technology used to identify the vehicle parking and monitoring and management.

1. When the vehicle enters the entrance to the parking lot, the manager registers the vehicle license plate number (keyboard input or camera OCR recognition) and distributes the active electronic tag to the owner, using the license plate number and the assigned electronic tag in the system 2.45 G card dispenser binding and take pictures of the vehicle as a whole and record admission time

2. After the owner received the electronic tag will be placed on the dashboard label near the windshield (convenient parking reader)

3. When the vehicle through the entrance, the parking guidance screen displays the current parking lot information on free parking spaces (the number of spaces in each area), the owner can quickly find a free parking space

4. When the vehicle parking storage, RFID reader installed on the parking spaces automatically determine the vehicle parking information, the parking information plus vehicle information through wireless RF sent to the system data center, parking reader can provide battery or wired power supply two Species

5. When the owner back to pick up the car can check any point (wall hanging) credit card or type the vehicle license plate number (more than 2 yards) to display the relevant vehicle license plate number, parking location and license plate photo information, you can quickly find your Vehicle parked position

6. Parking managers can view the current parking situation in real time through the computer

System advantages

1. List parking conditions

2. Guide owners to quickly stop

3. Reduce parking spaces to find air pollution caused by parking

4. Quickly find the parking location

5. Data wireless transmission, to avoid wiring problems