RFID animal tag

RFID animal tag

RFID animal traceability system is mainly for animal breeding, transportation, slaughtering tracking control, in the event of an outbreak, the animals are traced. Through this system, the health department can track the animals that have been affected by the epidemic and check their information. The system can provide immediate, concrete and reliable data on the animals from birth to slaughter.

Animal husbandry automatic identification traceability system is mainly divided into three levels of systems, namely management center, control center, quarantine station. The system consists of animal tag, RFID reader and writer device, RFID handheld reader, electronic tag writing and automatic identification software.

RFID Handheld Reader

System Features

1, automatic identification

The identification of each animal, which allows quarantine staff through the hand-held terminal device can easily view a variety of animal information.

2, traceability

RFID technology tracks the entire life cycle of an animal and uploads the resulting data to a management center for management analysis.

3, convenience

System fully electronic data gathering management, making a lot of data to find jobs by the server to complete, greatly improving the response speed of things.

4, safety

RFID electronic label recognition response time, low failure rate, to ensure the safety of label recognition, timeliness and stability.

5, improve the management level

Gathered management, distributed control; supervision and management of standard outbreaks, to reduce unnecessary links.