Benefits of RFID labels

Benefits of RFID labels


RFID products has been committed to the development, production and application, and security product research and development production,

Electronic tags (RFID) have the following advantages:

1. Scanning recognition

Electronic label (RFID) more accurate identification, identifying more flexible distance. Can be done penetrating and barrier-free reading.

2. Data memory capacity

The largest capacity of RFID is the number of MegaBytes, with the development of memory carriers, data capacity has also been expanding.

3. Anti-pollution ability and durability

RFID is highly resistant to substances such as water, oils and chemicals; RFID tags store data in the chip and are therefore immune to fouling.


RFID tags can be repeatedly added, modified, deleted RFID tag data stored in order to facilitate the update of information.

5. Small size, shape diversification

RFID is not limited in size and shape on reading, and does not need to fit the fixed size and printing quality of paper for reading accuracy. In addition, RFID tags can be more miniaturized and diverse forms of development to be applied to different products.

6. Security

RFID carries electronic information, the data content of which can be password protected so that its contents are not easily forged and altered.