RFID cold chain management system solutions

RFID cold chain management system solutions


RFID cold chain management system solutions


Project Description:

   The development and application of RFID to the fresh food cold chain logistics operations provided the opportunity. RFID technology in the fresh food cold chain logistics applications superiority. Based on this proposed RFID in the supermarket fresh food sales links application design patterns. Due to the rise of chain distribution system, food distribution shape change, refinement and specialization and the increasing popularity of low-temperature food mature ,so the cold chain logistics abrupt warming, has become the focus of attention.

Cold Chain Logistics refers refrigerated frozen foods in the production , storage and transportation, sales to all aspects of the consumer is always in front of a predetermined low temperature environment to ensure food quality and reduce food losses in a systematicproject . It is with the progress of science and technology, refrigerationtechnology development and set up , based on freezing technology -based,low-temperature refrigeration technology as a means of logistic processes.However, at this stage China still lacks an effective cold chain logistics management , the existing monitoring techniques lag is the biggest technical bottlenecks. RFID technology as a new type of automatic identification technology, has gradually become cold chain logistics enterprises to improve management , reduce costs and achieve enterprise information management , inparticular to enhance the core competitiveness of logistics enter prisesin dispensable technology tools and instruments.

Based on RFID technology, fresh food coldchain logistics system solutions

RFID application design in the supermar ketfresh food sales links :

   1 distribution center supermarket refrigerated trucks arrive at the designated point of delivery ,the goods unloaded. Supermarket staff with handheld RFID reader reads all -timecargo information , cargo information and purchase order confirmation on the consistency. If the information is consistent , then update the retailer's sales system data .

2 cargo supermarket staff will immediately advance supermarket shelves . Frozen food shelves in a timely manner to ensurethat the supermarket does not appear " out of stock ", " stock" phenomenon , to meet sales demand consumer demand and retailers.

3 supermarket frozen food in the freezerdisplay cabinet with a side mounted RFID reader , the reader reads theradiation to the entire range of frozen food can be placed in the area. Thefreezer will be able to use the reader access to the RFID tags on the packagingof each item of information, to automatically identify added a new commodity.

Meanwhile freezer cabinet RFID reader canread the information in real time freezer temperatures and timely feedback tothe supermarket management center to ensure freezer temperature within acertain amplitude range , in order to ensure the freshness of fresh food .

4 customer to take away a certain amount ofgoods from the freezer , RFID reader can be removed automatically obtain product -related information, and timely information to the supermarket to issue automatic replenishment system .

5 customer payments. On frozen food packaging are affixed with RFID tags , when customers will be equipped with a shopping cart pushed through the door RFID reader , the reader can identify the one-timeitems in the shopping cart type, quantity, amount and other information, the computer display the screen will display the total amount of consumer spending, then the customer pay leave.

6 When consumer spending and leave ,supermarket sales system immediately and automatically update the productin formation as well as the sales of all sales recorded .