system solutions for the tobacco warehouse

system solutions for the tobacco warehouse


Based on RFID technology, system solutions for the tobacco warehouse


Project Description:

    Tobacco is the fast moving consumer goods , fast moving industry are keen various tobacco companies to compete , have to seize the terminal Distribution. Velocity is a top priority for the market , and warehouse management is the most direct factor in determining the velocity of circulation . Based on RFID technology solutions tobacco warehouse system mainly for SMEs to solve manual sorting confusion,slow inventory , warehousing, small size and other issues, operational aspects of the warehouse receiving inspection , storage, a library , inventory, query data for automated data acquisition.


Based on RFID technology, system solutionsfor the tobacco warehouse


    Based on RFIDtechnology tobacco warehouse system solutions using RFID technology forwarehouse arrival inspection , warehousing , operational aspects of the library, inventory, query data, automated data collection, to ensure that all aspectsof warehouse management data input speed and accuracy to ensure timely andaccurate grasp of corporate real inventory data , maintain and control areasonable business inventories .


1 storage

After placing fixed reader at the warehousedoor , received a single storage in accordance with the rules of the RFID tagproducts for storage. When the products with the RFID tag reader into a fixedrange of electromagnetic waves is automatically activated , and with fixedreader communicates RFID tag collection, after completion , compared withtobacco orders , verification cargo information .


2 out of the library

The library, push the goods to the warehousedoor, using a fixed reader and an electronic tag affixed to the goodscommunications, RFID tags carried out of the library collection of goods ,after the completion of tobacco storehouse check , check cargo information .


3 . Inventory

With inventory plan, the use of handheld RFIDinventory scan cargo terminals , tobacco inventory information through awireless network for incoming back-end database , to compare with theinformation in the database , generating real-time difference informationdisplayed on RFID handheld terminal , supply inventory verification staffFinally , complete inventory .


4 . Query statistics

Warehouse management system can queryinformation in the database statistics operation , the situation can be asingle or batch of goods query can be set in any field queries , fuzzy queries.Staff can clearly understand the goods through the system unit , specifications, name, custody cases, transfer history , statistics, and other types of cargoinformation effectively cargo .


5 Interface to interact with other systemsand data

RFID tobacco warehouse system reserved forother owned enterprise management system interfaces , such as enterprise ERPsystem , financial data system, through the corporate system interface ,seamless connectivity, support for importing and information exchange data withother owned enterprise management system directly handle bulk data exchange .


Based on RFID technology uses a hardwaremodule


An electronic tag

Passive RFID tags RFID tags and active RFIDtags of two electrons. Passive RFID tags do not have built-in battery whenoutside the range of the reader read , RFID tags are passive electronic state ,can not take the initiative to communicate with the reader ; When the readingrange of the reader , RFID electronic tags from RF energy emitted by the readerto extract the power required for their work , to communicate with the reader.Active RFID tags energy supplied by the battery , with a reading distance farther, take the initiative to send a signal to communicate with the reader .


2. RFID reader

RFID reader including handheld RFID readerand fixed reader . Principles are wireless communication via antenna and RFIDtags , to achieve read and write operations on the tag identification code anddata memory . Fixed reader is usually installed in the warehouse door ;handheld RFID reader can be moved in the warehouse can receive signals emittedby active RFID tags in real time , and the received data transferred to thebackstage management system.


The antenna

Reader antenna generally require the use ofdirectional antennas , can be divided into two categories combined loading anddispensing . Is the co-loaded with the chip integrated antenna , packed withchip antenna is connected via coaxial cable , in general , the reader antennadesign requirements are lower than the tag antenna .