Dalian plans to change the new system this year, Going to produce ten thousand social security card

Dalian plans to change the new system this year, Going to produce ten thousand social security card


Dalian going to produce ten thousand social security card


Late last year, Ms. Wang received thepublic social security card , but she was long confined to bed , unable tohandle my social security card to the bank window personal business , hersocial security card and therefore delays in activation. Not long ago, herhusband raised their communities to apply for home services , with the help ofcommunity workers , the Miss Wang enjoy the agencies provided by the socialsecurity card , social security card business for the on-site service .

One multi- function card social security card

Social security card in accordance with theMinistry of Human Resources and Social and People's Bank of China unifiedstandard production, both the social security function and multi-functionbanking and financial IC card . Card chip records the basic personalinformation , and labor and social security information system online using anelectronic identity proof of labor and social security information system ,while also Medicare physician payment vouchers personal account , equivalent tothe original Medicare card . Social security card to achieve a multi-card , usethe card only can handle medical insurance medical billing business , thefuture can also apply for social insurance payment , to receive treatment andother services , while a bank debit card. Equivalent to the hands of theinsured to pay the current passbook , passbook to receive treatment , medicalinsurance cards, bank cards synthesized card.

It is because both of these features, sosocial security card when activated , to be operated separately social securityservices and bank debit card business two functions , set a password , you canopen the card. After activating the open card , the cardholder originalMedicare card automatically disabled , while the amount in the account cardinto social security card .

It is worth mentioning that, due to thesocial security card chips have both magnetic stripe bank debit card socialsecurity services , at the time of activation of the two functions were to seta password . Among them, the social security passwords can be based onindividual business needs, choose whether to set . If the original Medicarecard already set a password , the new social security card will activateautomatically follow the original password , do not have to re-set ; cardholderpassword can be modified if necessary .

Year plan upadate 1000000 cards

Last year, the Dalian City completed atotal of 3.1 million social security card issuance system , the actual issuing2,050,000 . Social security card coverage more widely, covering enterprisesissuing the crowd of workers , students , retirees, flexible employment , urbanand rural residents . Social security card function to further expand on thebasis of the medical billing Medicare rural residents increased pensions andpayment functions in full swing, the city's 27 million people currently usesocial security card pensioners , pension and urban workers increased heatingcosts payment , flexible employment subject to social insurance functions andbusiness pilot.

According to reports, this year the cityplans to add 1 million made ​​and issued social security card , enterprises andinstitutions working to achieve full coverage of the social security card ofthe insured ; expand social security card business functions , social securitycard in full swing using pensioners , heating costs businesses 2014 using asocial security card to pay social insurance , pension insurance and the numberissued to heating costs up to 30 % of the existing number , covering the city'sboroughs .

The new card is not activated Medicare cardis limited

Medicare card to achieve a smoothtransition to a social security card , social security card, the cardholdershould be activated within six months after the collar card social securitycard , Medicare card still during normal use, social security card is activatedautomatically void the original Medicare card , activate overdue the personnelof the original Medicare card will be limited. From June 1 , Dalian City wouldnot previously handled activating social security card in a specified timelimit the use of its personnel Medicare card.

Municipal Bureau of Human Resources andSocial Data Management Center , responsible person , for limiting Medicare cardholders should be used as soon as a valid ID , social security card to activatethe corresponding bank for social security card , social security card afteractivating the account balance is automatically transferred to Medicare ,social security card , Medicare accounts back to normal state.