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RFID Airport Baggage System

Time: 2014-05-15
Summary: RFID technology used in China airport

Recently, the Ministry of InformationManagement, Wuhan Tianhe Airport and China Southern Airlines, the airportground services company jointly conducted a baggage RFID technology into useearly test soon, Tianhe Airport luggage tag will be affixed RFID tags.

Been labeled "rfid" chips baggageof airline baggage passed after reading the baggage system to identify andsuccessfully assigned to the corresponding baggage chute. Previously manualbaggage handling and boarding pass check-in average 1.32 minutes / personavailable, the application of this new technology, the value of machine timethan previously reduced by an average 50 seconds. The tests were used 971 with"rfid" chips luggage tag, read success rate of 100%.

According to Tianhe Airport concerned parties,"rfid" luggage tag is not implemented in the country. Asia iscurrently only available in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chinasuccessively use of rfid technology to solve the low efficiency and highluggage baggage handling error rate issues.


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