The development of mobile payment :NFC technology is clearly better than the QR Code

The development of mobile payment :NFC technology is clearly better than the QR Code


NFC technology is clearly better than the QR Code


       Once mentioned mobile payment, many people come to mind immediately nouns are mostlikely to NFC as a priority, further more it is QR Code, because without it,more often heard today that mobile payment solutions , mostly founded on this two types of technical architecture .

       Forusers, in consideration of the use of mobile payment services on the occasionof the application , it is necessary insight into the pros and cons of thesetwo types of programs, and a general understanding of the back-end technologyarchitecture associated with this operation plateau reason , it is expectedsecurity between convenience and cost three dimensions , to strike the optimalbalance point ..

NFC is quite short link efficiency formobile payments


       NFCoriginated in 2004 , is by Philips (Philips), Nokia (Nokia) and Sony (Sony) tojointly develop RFID technology as the foundation made a demand designedspecifically for short-range high frequency wireless communication technology,let all kinds of electronic devices within 10 cm distance , non -contact -pointdata exchange . Looking RFID technology, mainly used 150KHz, 13.56MHz, UHF,2.45GHz other four kinds of data transmission band, and is one of the NFC go13.56MHz frequency band because the open part of the global production cost isrelatively expedient , so this is follow the goal.Perhaps someone curious toshort distance transport is concerned , there are , such as Bluetooth orinfrared technology , why take the NFC mobile payment and the remaining twohomes ? Study its main reason is that other technologies with App units arerequired to open , or device pairing and other conditions, and NFC can onlytouch the link , so obviously more competent emphasis NFC mobile paymentapplications fast data exchange.

       Asbetween different NFC devices to communicate with each other depending on whatmode ? Can be divided into three categories, the first is the read-write mode(Read / Write Mode), namely through a NFC device to read and write NFC tags onthe information stored , such as reading from a catalog or poster embedded Tagrelevant information, is the most frequently occurring application scenarios ,its mode of operation is quite approaching QR Code.The second category is thecard emulation mode (Card Emulation Mode), the card can simulate the functionof the diversity of entities , such as credit card or money card , etc., and topromote NFC devices can implement these functions, but the use of such a modelhas its premise , have to adopt built-in NFC secure element (Secure Element;SE) of the NFC chip ; Incidentally, the so-called security element , means forstoring applications and related information security module , and on top ofeach component , can be divided into multiple regions , each region Jieyou keycontrol as gatekeeper , the only person legally authorized to obtain in orderto enter the area and Information access application , which can effectivelyprevent tampering of personal credit information .

       Thethird category is point to point (P2P Mode), as the name implies , istransmitted between two different NFC devices , exchange information with eachother , the most typical application of technology, nothing more than Google 'sAndroid Beam.

       Itis worth mentioning , look above three models , widely used in electronic moneycard emulation mode , the amount can be described as the biggest, but even bythe industry's attention Google Wallet solutions , but did not support thismode , mainly because , NFC devices loaded analog chips can only support asingle standard , and therefore uniform standards in the industry has not yetappeared on the occasion , using different specifications of the chip deviceswill not communicate .

       The problem is that the card does not support emulation mode , which means there isno security elements , but also represents the personal credit informationunable to be stored in tightly controlled by the security area , whether it canbe deduced Google Wallet hidden risks ? Actually not , the user can be storedin the credit information phone , and then subjected to a password protected,really want to be paid until before the order to open NFC function , enter apassword, select a pre- paid credit card processing information , and then thephone close to the NFC POS reader , then the personal credit information willbe sent to the POS and complete the payment , called the overall process issimple, but without losing the security.


       Manybusinesses do not support the QR Code space-constrained applicationsReferred toNFC, you can not ignore a single point of connection protocol (SWP), which isused to define the mobile phone SIM card to communicate between the concretepractice of the way , including the NFC NFC SIM, NFC SD, plug-in NFC clip , aswell as directly from the NFC chip built smartphone . Admittedly , NFC phonesare not abound, the most obvious example is the considerable user base of theiPhone, does not yet support NFC, so hold non- NFC phone users Ruoyu using NFCmobile payment program , you can adopt NFC SIM or NFC SD and other alternativemethods , or configure the NFC special clip .On the status , the aforementionedNFC SIM or NFC SD and other two kinds of workarounds , is actually very common,but both types of carrier service providers are not the same , namely,telecommunications, financial services, among which the latter higher than itis worth mentioning ; main crux usually carriers of mobile financial card issuance, are required to be taken with TSM OTA mode is not without risk , in case of acounterfeit cards or fraudulent phenomenon in the future , whether it is afinancial institution or telecommunications corporate responsibility , oftenextremely difficult to clarify that only the issuing bank the right to self-control to microSD grasp customer transaction information , which can avoid anunfortunate , and at Union Bank of mainland China , is taking NFC SD modeindustry representatives .But, even though NFC mobile payment applicationexperience , like the current general use travel card to pay close to thewireless sensor device "beep" sound to complete the transaction , butin the simple and rapid apart , some of its shortcomings, is that consumersmust be existing credit or debit card to be retired, the shift to the new cardsupports NFC , and can only bind a single card .


       Incontrast , QR Code would have no change to a new mobile payment card , limitedissue of aircraft , consumers only need to download the corresponding serviceproviders App and complete the registration , then regardless of the use of anybrand of smart phones , and whatever is in Internet businesses or entities forshopping malls , can pick up the phone , open the App, select the credit cardyou want to use , then the mobile phone lens at the merchandise, catalog orrectangular bar on the poster to complete the induction , you can complete thepayment.For this reason, the promotion of mobile payment services is quitepositive Chunghwa Telecom will adopt NFC and QR Code dual track strategy andoptimistic QR Code because they do not involve special specifications (NFC)issue of whether the popularity of mobile phones , the cost is relatively high, lower barriers to entry , is expected to spread faster than the NFC .


       Butcompared to the NFC can "beep" sound quickly complete the payment ,mobile payment procedures QR Code becomes a lot of tedious , it is necessary toopen the application , select the credit card , enter the password , andfinally had to scan QR Code, during which encompasses more operations step ;but more trouble is , that has been ready QR Code to print or display devicestores , is not universal , many boutiques and even consumers will inevitablyfrequently patronized , not in the scope of the support columns .

       Insummary , NFC is that prospects for the development of mobile payment , clearlysuperior QR Code. The NFC mobile payment operations in the process , will belinked to the background of the TSM system , TSM can be described as mobilepayment business operations hinges , such as Easy Card , MasterCard , and otherservice providers , the need to go to TSM registration , beginning to make itsApps shelves. On the other hand , NFC devices TSM application user list isbased on service , upload and download the required services , while in theservice delivery process , TSM will conduct identity verification for the user, to be authenticated, then the user's credit card information , By way ofwritten safety components OTA terminal equipment inside .

       TSMinternal structure of the system , but also to distinguish between front andback office , which covers the front desk OTA Gateway , SMS interface, systemcomponents , entrance Management Gateway , Gateway and other financialinstitutions , is designed to allow banks to end with service providers toensure that for end-user safety information transfer ; As for the background,encompasses hardware encryption module (HSM), key Management system (KMS), OTAmanagement system, the background database , as well as demand for serviceshandling systems , with emphasis on the bank side, service providers providers,two-way exchange of information between the mobile phone industry , andinvolves a series of account information relevant to the series , fundmanagement , card application life cycle management, key management and otherimportant mechanisms.

       Someexperts believe that analysis of TSM system architecture is basically groundedthan  the bias -based telecommunicationsservices operating system , almost all operational bottlenecks are stuck incommunications, are closely linked with the carriers , as among the OTAreception system gateway , SMS interface, are both carriers of the base system, in contrast , financial institutions in the whole structure of the systemimpact resistance, not far greater than the operator.