Fujian province will achieve ETC electronic toll collection whin 2014

Fujian province will achieve ETC electronic toll collection whin 2014


Fujian province will achieve ETC electronic toll collection whin 2014



When crossing the highway toll station , queued card fees cumbersome andtime-consuming. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Provincial Expressway Company , Fujian will comprehensively promote electronic toll collection ,electronic toll fees and labor integration of resources , select a smaller tollstation traffic pilot . 

This year plans to achieve ETC ( Electronic TollCollection ) lane coverage of 95 % in 2015 to achieve 100% coverage of ETClanes . 

Out of the highway without stopping Each time through the high-speed toll station , parked at the entrance ,then take the key card came out , but also to pay the cumbersome process ofthis series , to journey adds unnecessary trouble. After the use of electronictoll collection mode, just in front of your car affixed with RFID Tag , youcan directly access to the highway . It is understood that as long as the owner in advance through thepurchase of electronic tags and Fujian card, Fujian Card and supporting the useof electronic tags , and correspondence with the license plate number . When used, the electronic tag attached to the windshield of the vehiclefixed , Min Tong card into the electronic tags . When the vehicle throughelectronic toll lanes , no parking entrance only by the electronic device thatautomatically scans charges and vehicle information into the system ; exportthe vehicle need not stop, only by an electronic device to automatically scanvehicle information , and then automatically deduct the appropriate amount .When the green light vehicle traffic and railings to lift the vehicle to directtraffic. Need to be reminded that when the electronic toll collection lanes , thedriver should confirm Min Card is properly inserted into the electronic tag .Electronic toll lanes will hang eye-catching signs " automatic toll lanes" as a vehicle strayed into human toll lanes , parking card access only . It is reported that in addition to not pass Fujian Expressway sixcounties , this will be achieved is through the highway county ( city) level,network coverage of 100 % in 2015 to achieve " every county outlets." At the same time , accelerate the construction of ETC lanes , ETC lanesto achieve this coverage of 95 % in 2015 to achieve 100% coverage of ETC lanes.

Deck vehicles can not get away The use of electronic toll collection , many owners worry about whetherthere will be car deck posing "Li Gui " on the road , while thebuckle genuine owners of the money situation? Insiders, supporting the use of the cards and electronic tags Fujian ,in the electronic toll lanes , is the result of system identification . Theparties, the label has been entered in the electronic vehicle -relatedinformation , " when the vehicle passes through the toll station antennaelectronic toll lanes will automatically read the information on the vehicle ,such as the license plate number , model, color, etc. even if the encounterwith Li Gui money , because there is no label on the electric fence would notrelease the lane on the car deck . "

Meanwhile , the highway department will strengthen cooperation between banks implement joint card, bank counters, self-service terminals , such as online banking platform and Fujian recharge card , the cards will also explore Fujian high-speed convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants and other small carry payment , select the appropriate cell in the city and the airport parking lot and other places to promote the application of electronic charge.