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Inner RFID cattle traceability standards through expert validation

Time: 2013-11-21
Summary: Inner RFID cattle traceability standards through expert validation

Recently, " based on radio frequencyidentification fattening cattle traceability information critical control pointlinks Collector's Guide ," " based on radio frequency identificationof critical control points cattle slaughter traceability information linksCollector's Guide ", " beef logistics chain traceability informationgathering critical control point guide ", "food safety traceabilitysystem design and implementation of universal norms " four autonomouslocal standards , passed the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region quality andTechnical Supervision organization expert validation . From animal husbandry,animal husbandry and processing , computers, food safety experts in relatedfields 5 and Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the autonomous region ofInner Mongolia Science and Technology Information Institute and the NationalInstitute of Standardization standard drafting of more than 10 people who willparticipate in validation .

Inner RFID Cattle Traceability Standardexpert validation

Validation panel meeting , listenedcarefully to prepare the drafting group on four local standards preparationinstructions and standards dealing with the situation report for comments , andstandard text article by article review and question. The experts agreed that :"Based on radio frequency identification of critical control pointsfattening cattle traceability information links Collector's Guide " andother three local standards , in order to regulate the use of modern regionalnetworking technology for cattle fattening , slaughter and processing ,logistics chain for rapid information collection , sorting, queries , etc. toprovide a scientific basis , practicality and maneuverability is strong."Food safety traceability system design and implementation of universalnorms" standards developed in accordance with relevant legal andregulatory requirements for food businesses to establish food safetytraceability system has a strong guidance and operability . Four referencestandards as well as a number of preliminary research experience in productiontechnology , based on the indicators identified sufficient and reliable.Standards have an urgent need for standards in related fields to fill thedomestic blank . Finally agreed to pass validation .

It is reported that four local standardsare based mainly on existing relevant national norms, standards, in referenceto the large number of preliminary research results and experience inproduction technology based on access to such information and documents ,combined with the autonomous region of actual and practical lessons learnedfrom . The " cattle fattening based on radio frequency identificationtraceability information critical control point links Collector's Guide "provides RFID-based radio frequency identification in cattle fattening ,slaughtering, quality and safety of the logistics chain traceability systemarchitecture system components, information collection processes, equipmentrequirements and traceability information management . "Food safetytraceability system design and implementation of universal norms" providesfor the design and implementation of food safety traceability system ofprinciples and basic requirements , traceability and traceability managementprocesses to build rules .

4 standard through expert validation,marking the autonomous region in the field of food safety traceability hastaken an important step in the strengthening of regional food safetytraceability to protect people's lives and property safety , has important significance.


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