RFID Jewelry Management System

RFID Jewelry Management System

RFID Jewelry management system, we are the best supplier in Hong Kong, Thailand , China, many customers are using our RFID jewelry management system. Our RFID jewelry management system to meet industry and government compliance . RFID Jewelry Management System in the process, help track the location and inventory visibility and tracking of jewelry. Many industries have become increasingly interested in tracking solutions , such as RFID jewelry management system that can help track a specific physical area of ??critical or valuable jewelry .

RFID jewelry management system the radio frequency identification technology is a radio frequency identification system . Our RFID Jewelry Management System is used in many industries , mainly for Jewelry Management System .
RFID Jewelry Management System is a radio frequency identification system for tracking system to track any kind of jewelry and location of assets.

Our RFID Jewelry Management System is highly effective in achieving operational efficiency and automation of inbound and outbound processing . The RFID Jewelry management system can successfully increase inventory visibility , on pallets , cartons , trays , and project levels .
RFID Jewelry management system to track the field of jewelry has gained immense importance .

RFID jewelry tag

RFID jewelry tag specially designed to meet the daily needs of the power industry, there is jewelry , RFID jewelry tag life of up to 100,000 times.

Hard tags , rugged plastic enclosure design , can be used to mark the watches, bracelets , necklaces and bulky items.

Soft label using ultra-thin and compact design makes it easy for customers to provide the most accurate information .

We can provide customers with customized LOGO printing smart labels .

Product list may not include all the available labels , please contact us for more information on the label .

System components

This system, RFID tags , electronic tags issued one pair of corresponding jewelry single device , read and write equipment, computers, control and system management software, on-site inventory , as well as network link and network data interface combinations


RFID readers can simultaneously read all jewelry information .
Inventory save 90 % of the time , and improve inventory accuracy .
Each "buy" or " ship" inventory records.
Able to track all inventory update data .
Can be more accurate inventory records.
Through this system, can operate more safely manage these expensive items