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Access attendance and access control.

publisher: Jacky
Time: 2013-09-03
Main Products: Access Control Machine , Barrier machines, ballot boxes , parking systems , electric fence machine
Access attendance are the following , now they were analyzed :
First, the paper card attendance equipment
That attendance built-in printing equipment, you can print out the original attendance records, class punch card punch machine is divided into electronic and mechanical punch card machine Non-contact attendance equipment
Two , card attendance machine
Advantages : You can use the computer statistical attendance data
Disadvantages : Magnetic and heads wearing ( perhaps more reliable magnetic devices )
Scope: better sanitation , quality of personnel of the higher places ( used for access control, banking , etc. )
Third, barcode attendance
Using the same method and magnetic
Advantages : Optical read the barcode card , low failure rate
Disadvantages: easy to counterfeit cards ( except for special barcode mask shares ) , decreased sensitivity after dirty bar codes and code wrong
Fourth, proximity card time attendance
1 , time and attendance data faster , 400 employees one, to be completed within 5 minutes ;
2 , non-contact card reader , card no wear, no error code
1 , cosmetologists card, through the company's system of rules , arranging security oversight
Five , fingerprint attendance machine
Advantages: 1 , no cards, cosmetologists card problem solving
1 , non- real-time attendance data upload, you need to manually upload, security in general ;
2 , the reaction rate is slow , < = 2 seconds , 400 employees a minimum of 15-20 minutes ;
3 , fingerprint head to regular cleaning , especially ink , gasoline , stickers ;
4, applies to staff fewer units , requiring better quality of personnel ;
5 , fingerprint , attendance , action should be standardized, finger wear, close angle or pressure is not the time, collecting head is difficult to read the fingerprint recognition efficiency low light , heavy recognition failure
Six , eye rainbow attendance
Perfect attendance
Advantages : the use of the human eye to identify the characteristics of different people , so that a non -contact manner to identify the characteristics of the human , the recognition rate less than 1 second
Disadvantages : The current high cost, has not yet entered the Chinese market

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