If you choose a suitable RFID passive tags

If you choose a suitable RFID passive tags

RFID passive UHF RFID tag with its small size, read and write distance, reading and writing speed, cheap, and many other advantages of being user attention. Currently, the market a wide range of passive UHF RFID product range more and more, how to choose the right application for their own solutions and UHF RFID tags have become of particular concern to the majority of users.

Through extensive listening to the views of industry experts, and synthesize and summarize, we want users to buy passive UHF RFID tags, you should pay particular attention to the following questions:

First, in the purchase of UHF RFID tags, we must understand the passive UHF RFID-related knowledge and important parameters indicators, such as: label size, frequency, storage space, package, reading distance range of applications and so on. In the UHF project application, the label is the key to success of the project products, so choose what kind of label is very important throughout the project implementation, the user must be a clear understanding of the important parameters related tag index

Second, when the user selects the electronic tag neither blind pursuit of high-performance products, and do not the blind pursuit of low prices, selection tailored to specific application requirements electronic tag is the most important.

Third, users in the RFID project launched when the decision to establish an idea: RFID technology is not a panacea, the application of RFID technology at the same time, we must facilitate the management of the transformation process in order to truly be effective. So, in the purchase of electronic labels, be sure to consult the recommended system integrators recommendations.