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Sticker RFID tag adapt those industries?

publisher: Jacky
Time: 2013-08-30
1 , Daily chemical industry
Not one thousand glue labels are now in daily chemical industry has been very widely used. It is understood that , at present , the domestic daily chemical products used as label sticker more than 30 percent , according to statistics, the domestic market is still on a sticker in daily chemical industry maintained a rapid growth momentum, and get more for a wide range of applications, label materials will also be high-level , diversified direction.
As we all know , cosmetic products with high added value , so many brands, fierce competition . Consumers choose a dazzling array of merchandise goods , product packaging is a key factor to attract consumers , and the day of the most important is the product packaging label , visible or not refined labels play a key role. Sticker label can be more perfectly embodies the requirements needed .
2 , The pharmaceutical industry
With the national gmp certification standards promulgated by the pharmaceutical industry for drug packaging normative have higher requirements , both for packaging hygiene or aesthetics , are further requirements. Sticker adhesive materials meet health standards in the premise , well positioned to meet the needs of pharmaceutical packaging . On the one hand , the pharmaceutical industry is relatively high production requirements , assembly-line speed, a lot of bottles in the labeling need to achieve automatic labeling requirements ; On the other hand , self-adhesive materials for a variety of printing methods , clear graphics , neat strong sticky effect, making the market for self-adhesive labels can achieve the requirements of pharmaceutical packaging . In otc period of vigorous development , consumer demands for pharmaceutical packaging is definitely getting higher and higher , they want more than just a label description , it is a brand logo . Meanwhile , pharmaceutical products have attached considerable importance for security , self-adhesive labels with a wide choice of materials, such as shredding, font anti-counterfeiting labels.
3 , The electronics industry
Electronic equipment is now throughout every corner of people's lives , home appliances and communication tools to further popularity, making the development of the electronics industry has been an unprecedented scale.
4 , Supermarkets, logistics industry
With the development of market economy , commodity circulation accelerates, China 's retail industry at an extraordinary pace. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's commercial retail and catering chain enterprises above designated a total of 1232 , a total of 34,551 stores . In the future, the market demand for variable information printing labels will be more and more, such as supermarkets , fresh food , because of its outstanding speed, lucrative , has been a "battleground " , thermal label and therefore have much room for development . Another example is the luggage tags , supermarket price tags, labels and other transportation , and now have been applied in a more common. In some European countries the logistics for variable information printed on a sticker label market has accounted for more than 40% of total demand in the country , this market has just started , the annual per capita consumption is minimal. Foreign retail giants and local private enterprises to become bigger and stronger as the future direction of development , the logistics industry is an emerging industry , many domestic cities want to play the role of logistics centers . Using barcodes production management and logistics management, bar code sticker is the most basic needs. In more and more enterprises have tasted the benefits of bar code management , but also self-adhesive industry will bring unlimited business opportunities. With the rapid development of the logistics industry , the market for variable information like stickers will generate huge demand.
5 , Anti-counterfeiting industry
With the characteristics of self-adhesive labels in the security industry with application conditions . China's first anti-counterfeiting labels appear in the mid 1980s , the application areas have wine, food , medicine, health care products, cosmetics , children's goods, toys , clothing tag , standard shoes , computer hardware and software products, sporting goods , auto parts, agricultural supplies. In the self-adhesive security labels used on goods in China has a broad market space for development.
In short , you can use self-adhesive application characteristics , the self-adhesive label as bearer security information carrier, so that a wider range of applications , more personalized information label has a broad prospect. Especially in the current state has adopted a number of policies and regulations ( such as requiring imported products affixed Chinese description , marks of origin , etc. ) , provides for the application of self-adhesive market space , but also provides opportunities for the sticker printing .
AQSIQ requirements , meat products, dairy products, beverages , condiments , frozen food, instant noodles , biscuits, canned food , frozen food rice , puffed food and other foods begin the implementation of market access system, must be affixed to the factory and qs flag into circulation . In addition, AQSIQ also stipulates that from August 1 this year , the national 19 categories of 132 kinds of goods ( involving electronics, home appliances, air conditioners and other products ) , to implement mandatory certification ( ie 3c certification ) , requires the use of six kinds specifications sticker logo, those who are not compulsory certification mark 3c products factory are not allowed , not allowed to enter the circulation sales . This same requirement to provide a self-adhesive business opportunities and markets.
Sticker is very popular in this area , not only because it can be affixed , printable, can be designed , more importantly , electronic products require the use of labels to achieve certain results. Firm texture, such as labels , can be a good fit and appliances , or label the external environment corrosion resistant , high temperature and so on. Often in different parts of an electrical products , need to use several forms of label materials , the enormous development of the electronics industry , especially in South China, East China, for relatively large proportion of exports , it is driven by self-adhesive label material consumption the main regions. As in other areas , used in the electronics industry on the label materials generally have relatively high demand , many multinational companies have their own rigorous testing methods, such as measuring viscosity, scratch-resistant ability , heat resistance and so on. But in general , many companies have put forward demands label materials possess ul.
Currently, plastic, soft, concave, convex , screen printing equipment combined with each other with the traditional label trademarked products pushed to new heights ; while the digital system was open label and mark a new market , now , the domestic sticker printed markets continue to further develop the industry is not the key to copy the U.S. and Europe , " flexo " mainstream , or follow Japan's " letterpress " mainstream , but rather how the combination of conditions , according to the nature of the product itself . Or a combination of features to choose a cost-effective printing process route and the corresponding equipment systems . Because , under certain conditions, to a variety of modern printing technology printing stickers is almost impossible to separate high and low quality , the difference lies in the adaptability and process route on the input-output gains .

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