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Introduction of Things

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Time: 2013-08-29
Introduction of Things
IOT (The Internet of things), to make full use of the new generation of IT technology among the industries .
Things Specifically, embed sensors and equipment to the power grid, railways , bridges, tunnels , roads, buildings, water systems , dams , oil and gas pipelines and other objects , and then the "Internet of Things " with existing Internet integrate and realize the human society and the physical system integration, network integration which in this , there is the ability super powerful central computer cluster , capable of integration within the network personnel , machinery, equipment and infrastructure, the implementation of real-time management and control.
On this basis , human beings can be more refined and dynamic management of production and life, to achieve "smart " state , improve resource utilization and productivity levels, improve the relationship between man and nature .
Computer Internet of Things is based on the use of RFID, wireless data communications technology, construct a covering everything in the world of "Internet of Things". In this network , goods ( merchandise ) to each other , " communication" , without human intervention. Its essence is to use frequency identification (RFID) technology , the Internet achieved through computer goods ( commodities ) automatic identification and interconnection and sharing of information .
The RFID, it can make objects " speak " of a technology. In the " Internet of Things" conception , RFID tags in stores norms with interoperability information through wireless data communication network to collect them automatically to a central information system, goods ( merchandise ) to identify, and then through openness computer networks to achieve information exchange and sharing , to achieve the objects of the "transparent" administration .
"Internet of Things " concept came , breaking the previous conventional thinking . The idea has been in the past is to physical infrastructure and IT infrastructure separately : one is the airport , roads , buildings , and the other is the data center , personal computers and broadband . In the " Internet of Things " era, reinforced concrete , the cable will work with the chip , integrated into a unified broadband infrastructure , in this sense , infrastructure is more like a new earth site , the world's running on top of it for which including economic management, production operation, social management and even personal life.
( Second International Forum epc and IOT ) November 17, 2005 , held in Tunis World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) , the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has released "ITU Internet Report 2005 : Internet of Things " reported that the ubiquitous "Internet of Things " communication era is approaching, all the world's objects from tires to toothbrushes, from housing to the tissue can be exchanged via the Internet initiative . Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), sensor technology , nanotechnology , smart technology will be embedded into the more widely used .
February 24, 2009 news , IBM Greater China CEO money crowd announced at 2009IBM forum called " wisdom of the Earth ," the latest strategy . Conditions for China 's economy , the money crowd , said China 's infrastructure is vast, and the Chinese government is with great ability to control the implementation of determination, and matching funds for the necessary infrastructure for large-scale construction, the "wisdom of the Earth" which a strategy will generate greater value.
The policy conference , IBM also suggested that if the execution of the infrastructure , implanted " smart " concept, not only in the short term a strong stimulus and promote employment , and in a short time for China to build a mature wisdom infrastructure platform .
Qiandaqun said that in today's world many important issues such as the financial crisis, the energy crisis and environmental degradation , in fact, are able to be more " intelligent" manner. Downturn in the global economy , but also pregnant with the future development opportunities, China is not only able to take this opportunity to open up new industries and new market optimism , accelerated development , out of the economic crisis.
Internet trends IBM hopes the "wisdom of the Earth" strategy can set off the "Internet" wave after another technological revolution . Former IBM CEO Lou Gerstner had raised an important point , that the calculation mode change occurs once every 15 years . This judgment as accurate as Moore's Law , people called it the "Tenth Five -year cycle Law ." Occurred after the 1965 revolution to the mainframe as a symbol, in 1980 the popularity of the personal computer as a symbol, while in 1995 occurred before and after the internet revolution. Each such technological change have caused companies , industries and even competition among major national turmoil and change. The Internet revolution to some extent by the U.S. "information superhighway" strategy ripening . 20 In the 1990s, the Clinton Administration plans to use 20 years at a cost of 200 billion -4000 billion U.S. dollars, the U.S. National Information Infrastructure construction , creating a huge economic and social benefits.
Today, the "wisdom of the Earth" strategy was a lot of Americans think the year of the " information superhighway " There are many similarities, they think the same is to revitalize the economy , a key strategy for competitive advantage . This strategy can set off the same as the year the Internet revolution in technology and economic tide , not only for the United States is concerned , more attention from the world .
Things struggle for the five companies
"Internet of Things " concept describes an object and the object between the wireless network. It somehow with the current network addressable pages ( that is, www) are neck and neck , but " things" includes addressable inanimate objects , It can be home refrigerator , it may be your feet shoes. Although people over the years have been discussing this interconnected world composed of objects , but the concept of things , but little progress , at least for now .
Recently, we found a lot of companies are trying to develop to build "Internet of Things " technology. One is on exhibition in DEMO08 Tikitag company . With the start toolbox and some client software , users can design their own RFID tags , they are used in any purposes. They can launch the application, the user links to the URL, in addition also provides a lot of functionality.
Tikitag electronic tag has the advantage that the user does not need a dedicated RFID reader scans them - they NFC (Near Field Communication, near field wireless communication ) a third party such as mobile phones are compatible reader . NFC has been more than 40 million mobile phone units, while analysts estimate that by 2012 it will reach sales of over 250 million units.
Tikitag startup kit includes a reader and 10 tags , priced € 34.95 ( including tax ) / $ 49.95 . Additional Tikitag RFID tag price of € 19.95 or $ 29.95 .
Mir: ror:
Mir: ror ( Mirror ) is Violet 's equipment , which can detect the items you give it , and give the items to capacity . If you're in with a USB connection , " mirror" before waving something , you can automatically trigger applications and multimedia content. "Mirror " can not actually perceive the object itself , its RFID RFID tags on objects react to that next step should be to tell a computer.
These labels are embedded in the company's Ztamp Violet Lane - Ztamp color RFID " stamp " , attached to the object you want to connect . Label also with another company more visibility Violet networking products used in combination - cute bunny Nabaztag can machine light, sound and voice to express any ambient information, such as your e-mail and read RSS Feed.
Pachube service allows you " from throughout the world of objects, equipment, construction and environment sensing tag and share real-time information and its main objective is to promote physical distance between the two environments and non-material exchanges ." Pachube website at you can add a feed or use an existing feed. Feed from already networked device or can send SMS , architecture and interconnect devices. Pachube also supports the "second life " (Second Life) devices.
Register a feed on the site , users will be able to share real-time data with other objects , keep a history of their own data , or create an online images for the web .
Arduino is an open-source software and hardware components from the open-source electronics prototyping platform for artists, designers , hobbyists , and all for creating interactive objects and the environment ( that is, " things" ) who are interested in the Construction
If you want to know what type can be constructed through the Arduino networked objects , please watch this demo . Author of a children's toy ray guns were set up , as long as someone on Twitter hash tag for # barcampliverpool make a mark , toy guns will react.
Getting Started With Arduino How To Build A Twitter Monitoring Alertuino View more OpenOffice presentations from Adrian Mcewen.
ZeroG Wireless is a specializing in small -power wireless chip semiconductor company . Its low power consumption Wifi chips can be embedded in any system, including consumer electronics, smart energy equipment, home and building control instruments , portable medical sensors and sensor networks. For the company "believes the wireless connection of the new model has been in sight of the fact that " the establishment . The company's Web site says , their idea is "Wireless fourth generation - of things ." ( Compile : pavel)
Internet of Things- Internet of Things
Internet of Things Internet of Things refers to the existence of each item , you can access the network in some way , and the formation of exchanges and interconnection , internet here is a word borrowed , does not refer to access and is now widely used PC internet network . Internet of Things initially proposed, seems to come from science fiction , or auto id lab next generation of computer articles , I've seen a more comprehensive discussion forum in the sun , so that on the RFID .
Entitled Toward a Global "Internet of Things".
Of course this thing too idealistic , you add a sensor in stone , it can also access the Internet ? But this is the concept of change , and the data from the current (data and people) consisting of the Internet, to a future dogs and cats as well as smart devices, mobile servers, the machines can speak , opened a new digital era.
In 2005 WSIS meeting ( Tunisia ) report on the proposed barter interconnected four main technologies : RFID, sensor , embedded intelligence (embedded intelligence), nanotechnology. Even though advances in technology, access network standards such complexity ( of course, has not yet begun to develop ) , even in the most optimistic estimates , and also in 2020 (nature 2020), only began to take shape .
Genius who have early application solutions under existing conditions to provide a solution , but in the Internet of Things such magnificent grand imagination , these brainstorms tricky enough to surprise us , let us to review a little bit:
1, the yellow arrow (yellow array)
Counts media releases of this yellow arrow , which is a geography blog entry , a palm-sized stickers , each one has a unique number above the letter , posted on the streets , monuments , scenic areas, with the number code to send text information will be able to get content . This palm-sized yellow arrow stickers are influential label .
Things schematically 2, nokia sensor
Nokia published application , a mobile phone application , mobile phone via Bluetooth Another way to find a range of mobile phones, and it can send pictures , sounds and so forth .
3 , physical hyperlinks (Object hyperlinking)
The internet extends to the actual existence of the object , and in real life there . Since the internet is now an electronic virtual network , physical hyperlinks that can be mobile phones and other devices via wireless internet can be identified and displayed in the physical , link this kind can be considered a hyperlink to the internet , so called in-kind hyperlink. Physical Hyperlinks can use a technique called two-dimensional code encoding and recognition technology.
Many people with physical hyperlinks Internet of Things confuse the two concepts , in fact, they are basically different .
4, Grafedia
Hyperlinks on the street .
Simply put , Grafedia is written on the wall on the street side of the road so any place where you are willing to apply a hyperlink , it can link to a picture or sound or video . See here you must be wondering , obviously we can not hold the mouse click in Malaysia on the road map out a beauty . If you want to see the text behind the linked multimedia files, you will need to use a cell phone or send an e-mail message to you see the underlined "Text " @ ( without the quotation marks when sending ) . For example, when you see above Wanted, you'll be sent to wanted grafedia. . Then you will receive the following site map

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